Thursday, October 27, 2011

{ cape town is the world design capital 2014!! }

After a valliant effort by so many, we have come out tops, beating Bilbao, Spain and Dublin, Ireland to win the coveted title of World Design Capital for the year 2014. Not only were we the first African city to make it to the final short listing of this competition, but we've taken the crown! Fantastic! I think all the folks at the Cape Town Partnership deserve a very long holiday! Find out more here.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

{ the occupation has begun }

Occupy Wall Street begun on the 17 September 2011, a month later South African's have heeded the call to protest against the extreme gap between the rich and the poor. Operation Ubuntu is the local spinoff of this international movement influenced and inspired in many ways by what the media has dubbed the "Arab Spring".

The slogan of the Manahttan OWS was "we are the 99%" in response to the fact that the majority of global wealth is owned by 1% of the population. Unsustainable, inequitable and unjust. We cannot deny the impact the global economy has on the everyday citizen, citizens who have no control over the system.

On a pop culture note, it's cool to see the "V For Vendetta" film's character beign appropriated for this cause. We are the masses, that's where our power comes from, our shared interests, and not necessarily our indivuality. Interesting thought.

anyway, I drigress. So, basically, it's an important movement, but it also questions the strength of peaceful protests - what will the lasting impact of the global occupations be?

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