Monday, January 30, 2012

{ to the streets! run jozi }

Taking back the streets! The Nike We Run City 10km campaign is the epitome of urban cool. The idea of running through downtown Jozi, at night with thousands of other people sounds really awesome! Two problems though, I’m nowhere near Jo’burg and I highly doubt I’m physically capable of running a 10km… However, if these reasons for nonattendance don't apply to you, sign up here, race entry costs a mere R50: Students, and R70: Open, prices include a bright yellow branded t-shirt, a running clip, and registration, it’s a deal.  The organisers aim to rally 10 000 runners, so sign up now! Just do it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

{ nerd love }

I was once told to live a little and reach for my inner child. So armed with a bubble gun at a music festival I did try my very best, but if I had this little number, I wouldn't have had to try at all! Came across these adorable recycled cardboard towns on Apartment Therapy. They remind me of my first cardboard doll's house meets SimCity (the original DOS version)! The paper towns are inspired and based on small town Poland, much retro-ness,  and come complete with playgrounds, fuel stations, fountains, and even vehicles. Sadly the company that sell these adorable Paper Towns, Papierowe Miasto, are only shipping them in Europe, but there must be a similar alternative around about. Eyes pealed! 

Thanks to Bianca from The Tailored Life for the linkshare! 

Image: Apartment Therapy.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

{ planning africa }

The 5th Planning Africa Conference will be held in Durban on the September 2012.  Organisers describe the conference as "a key knowledge exchange platform for policy makers, development practitioners, planning specialists, and researchers involved in 'space making'." Celebrating ten years since the conference it's inception in 2002, the event promises to be even better than before. Closing dates for abstracts is 20 Feb 2012! Find out more on the SAPI website here.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{ happy new year - live curious }

Happy New Year! Took a long walk on the beach with a new old friend and chatted about resolutions and new beginnings. Whatever your plans for the year ahead, don't hold back, get outside, find your balance, find your voice, share it with others. Live curious!