Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

{ santa's coming to town }

On Thursday we volunteered at a Christmas party for some of the children living in Dysselsdorp, a small and mostly impoverished settlement about 20km outside of Oudtshoorn. A rather skinny Santa was driving around the town in a fire engine to rally up the kids and get them to the venue. Was a fun atmosphere until we started handing out the small food gift packs. Some children who has been waiting for over an hour didn't even get anything because the organisers had under-supplied :( Was really awful turning them away empty handed. Hopefully next year will be different. 

Merry Christmas Eve, Everyone. Try to share the spirit this year and give meaningfully, of your time and yourself. Who will you be reaching out to tomorrow?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{ future cape town }

I cannot wait to go home to Cape Town for the Christmas holidays! I'm in love with the Mother City and can spend hours just walking through the CBD and discovering something new every time. But the city is more than a sum of it's very segregated parts, it's brimming with potential and energy that inspires my very core!

In the spirit of Cape Town, I have to share my latest web-love: Future Cape Town. Founded by Rashiq Fataar, Future Cape Town is a group of creatives who are seriously passionate about their city, how it works and what it may become! Forward thinking!! In homage to the Durban COP 17 (that ended two weeks go - read older posts here), check out Future Cape Town's list of "17 Sustainable Ideas for COP 17". They've teamed up with the award winning bloggers and thinkers at This Big City, and the collaborations make for a pretty exciting read. Topic range from the international transfer of renewable energy to making use of abandoned innercity buildings, and te concept of sustainable zoning. Thinking outside the box. Anything you might add to the list?

Image: Future Cape Town

Sunday, December 18, 2011

{ last stop knysna }

If I wasn't heading home to the Mother City for my Christmas break, I'd definitely be make a turn at Knysna for the Local Design and Food Market on Thursday evening and the Knysna Rocks Music Festival on Friday.

Next time you plan to head on down to Knysna, be sure to look up the CX Chronicles (CX being the Knysna vehicle number plate code) for some serious Garden Route inspiration, travel ideas and locally produced products and design, a selection of which will be showcased at the Local Design and Food Market on Thursday 22 December on the Upper Level Thesen Island Parking Shed. Thesen Island is an amazing feat of enginering and design, an upper end marina lifestyle development located in the Knysna estuary on what used to be an industrial site! With this setting, and the fantastic local design on offer, its the perfect last minute Christmas shopping excursion!

While you're in town, and if you're in a partying mood, the Knysna Rocks Music Festival is sure to rock your socks off with a line up including Johnny Clegg (such an amazing live act!), Prime Circle, Evolver One and Die Heuwels Fantasties among others! Tickets cost R165 for a general pass and R265 for VIP. Sounds like smashing way to round off the year. Read more about the festival on this post on the very cool OhEmGee blog.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

{ volstruisies }

In an attempt to do more touristy things in a town notorious for touristy things, and because so man of the local ostriches have been sacrificed due to the avian flu, we visited the Cango Ostrich Farm yesterday. I learnt a couple things at the farm... 

1. Ostriches are weird. They can rotate their necks a full 360 degrees! Their legs are reptilian and they come across terribly prehistoric. Amazing really. 
2. Ostrich chicks are cute! But be careful, they might pee on you. 
3. Ostriches are not to be confused with their relative the emu. Also their brains are smaller than one of their eye balls. Just enough to keep the lights on. 

A must see for any Garden Route visitor! The tour cost R70 and your guide can speak German. So tell your German friends :)